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How to Open a Lock Without Key in 5 Seconds

If you're unable to find a key to a lock, you can try one of the following methods to open it. The hammer - it's a common tool that can open most locks - can be used to strike the curved portion of the loop. Using a hammer to strike a lock may not work the first few times, but you need to hit it in the correct place to get the door open.

Coaxing a lock

There are several methods for coaxing a lock open without a key. Depending on the size of the lock, you may be able to pry it open without a key. For instance, you may be able to tear the shackle free of the lock if it has a plastic body. If it does not, you can try using a hammer to break the lock. Afterward, you can keep the lock and dispose of the broken one. If you have trouble breaking a lock without a key, you can buy another one.

To use this method, you will need a steel rod, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a pair of wrenches. A long sturdy pole-type instrument will do as well. The screwdriver will open the door slightly. Once you are able to jiggle the steel rod, you can push the unlock button with force. When the door opens, the lock will unbutton. However, you should not try this on a door that belongs to someone else.

Using a screwdriver

Using a screwdriver to open locks without a key can be useful if you are stuck with a door lock that doesn't have a key. This method requires two basic tools: a flathead screwdriver and a steel rod. The screwdriver will open the door slightly, while the steel rod will push the unlock button. In some cases, you may not be able to get a screwdriver through a lock completely, but it can come in handy in an emergency.

Before you can start using a screwdriver to open a door without a key, you must first dismantle the lock. To do this, you must insert the screwdriver through a gap in the door frame or door knob. Once you do this, you should hear a click and then turn the screwdriver clockwise. Repeat this procedure until you are able to remove the doorknob.

Using a bobby pin

Are you locked out of your house, but don't have a spare set of keys? If so, you may have the ability to pick a lock without paying a locksmith. By following the steps below, you can learn how to open a door without a key. First, you'll need two bobby pins. One should be bent like an "L" shape and folded around two to three cm. The second pin should be straightened completely and used as a pick.

To use a bobby pin to open revolving doors, you'll need to bend the wire into a specific shape. The first pin you use should be perpendicular to the door and should be long enough to be inserted deep into the key slot. Use the remaining bobby pin to create a handle and turn the cylinder.

Using a credit card

Having no spare keys or no idea how to open a lock? Using a credit card to open a lock is a great way to get in without wasting time searching for a spare. You can do this in seconds. First, insert the card between the door and strike plate. Next, slide the card upwards and downwards. The force will push the latch in. Repeat this process until the door opens.

The key to a doorknob latch bolt is located at an angle away from the handle. With a credit card, push on the angled end of the bolt. The credit card will slide into the gap between the bolt and the doorjamb, which will open the door. Now, you can twist the knob and walk through the door. This technique is not difficult, but it requires some practice and a little patience.

Using a knife

How to use a knife to open a lock without a key in 5 seconds is a common question that you may ask yourself. The answer is actually simple. The key is to make sure that you are not able to cut yourself while you are doing it. You should cover the blade of the knife with a folded piece of paper or cloth before you begin. Ideally, you should be able to use any other turning tool that will get you through the lock, and not use a knife or steak knife.

If the lock does not have a keyhole, the easiest method to use is a knife. Simply insert the blade of the knife into the lock as far as it will go. Next, push it back and forth to free it. This method may take a while, however, so be prepared to play around a bit. Ultimately, if you're lucky, it will work.